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Arab-Zionist nexus, conspiracy to displace Palestinians from homeland: Pakistani professor

Islamabad, Sept 16, IRNA -- A Pakistani professor of political science strongly condemning Arab rulers for signing diplomatic deal with Zionist regime says UAE and Bahrain have conspired to further displace Palestinians from their homeland.

Dr Zamurrad Awan, Professor at Forman Christian College University Lahore, in her article published in Urdu daily ‘Express’ on Wednesday also denounced the silence of Islamic organizations on the developments saying that Muslim rulers have become puppets in the hands of western powers.

She said that US President Donald Trump had announced a diplomatic deal between Zionist regime and UAE, a third deal with Zionists in Middle East after Egypt and Jordan. Egypt signed four peace agreements with Zionist regime in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 to resolve territorial disputes after three wars.

The professor noted the UAE is a country with no borders with Zionist regime, but this deal has serious implications for the region as it indirectly supports the Zionist aggression on innocent Palestinians.

The analyst added although secret contacts between the UAE and Zionist regime have been going on for many years, the recent agreement finalized it in such a way that the two countries formally agreed to fully cooperate in various political and economic matters.

Dr Zamurrad Awan, went on to say the current Emirati leadership believes in the politics of extremism and extreme self-interest against its forefathers. “In past, the Emirati government, led by Sheikh Zayed bin Nahyan (who ruled for 30 years), had strongly supported the Palestinian cause and avoided relations with Zionist regime.

She said Zionist regime is the largest recipient of US economic and military aid, without which it cannot protect itself, similarly, the UAE considers itself insecure without military aid from the United States.

The analyst added US President Trump is currently preparing for his presidential election, and in these circumstances he needs to announce a strategy in the Middle East that would make him successful in the eyes of extremist whites.

She said on the other hand, Netanyahu is losing support due to serious allegations of corruption against him, and in order to succeed again, he needs to tighten the noose around Palestine.

Dr Zamurrad Awan believed the existence of this so called peace agreement was essential for their success on both internal and external fronts.

She said the current agreement with Zionist regime not only violates the UN General Assembly resolution, but also the 2002 Arab Peace Accord adding this will further pave the way for illegal settlements along Zionist regime 's western border, which is a negation of the two-state plan, and will also promote unrest and extremism in the region.

The analyst noted there will be more bloodshed for Palestinians and a campaign to deprive them of their own homes will continue.

“In these circumstances, this so-called "peace" agreement between Zionist regime and the UAE has not only further weakened the relations between the Muslim Ummah,” she said.

Dr Awan said while the agreement has been opposed by many countries, including Turkey and Iran, Pakistan also sees it as an act to weaken the two-state plan for Palestine.

She said in a recent interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan formally supported the Palestinian position and sad there is absolutely no possibility of recognition of the Zionist regime until there is just solution to Palestine problem, how can we accept a compromise with the Zionists when the main parties in Palestine do not accept it’


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