Kang Stepped village; great tourist attraction in Northeastern Iran

Mashad, May 26, IRNA – Kang Stepped village is located on the slopes of the Binalood Mountains, 19 km west of Torqabeh and 29 km from Mashad (Northeastern Iran).This historical village with a history of more than a thousand years and with stepped architecture is considered as a destination for Iranian and foreign tourists.

 Kang Stepped village  has a temperate climate due to the high mountains and abundant dry winds.

One of the important religious places of this village is the mausoleum of Sheikh Abdullah, who was one of the mystics of this land,  Born and educated in science and knowledge in Mashad, Qom and Najaf and Karbala, he died in Kang village.

The beautiful mountains, heights and landscapes of  Kang Stepped village are one of the natural and spectacular attractions of the suburbs of Mashad, which is suitable for recreational and sports activities.

 Kang Stepped village is very popular with mountaineers due to its beautiful mountainous landscapes and the presence of various springs and trees on the slopes of its foothills.

Due to the settlement of its foothills, it is known as the stepped village and Masuleh of Khorasan, which has played a significant role in attracting foreign tourists.

Depending on the climate, wind direction and solar radiation, the houses are located in the northeast-southwest direction, which saves energy.

The historic village of Kang has a temperate climate due to the special geographical location of the region and the presence of high mountains and abundant trees and the absence of dry winds.


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