Zionist expansion, result of Arabs’ indifference towards Palestine: Pakistani analyst

Islamabad, May 22, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani expert strongly believes that indifference of Arab regional states towards the issue of Palestine has encouraged Zionist regime to go ahead with annexation of occupied territories.

Dr Moonis Ahmar in his article published in Express Tribune on Friday said that the Palestinian majority territory of West Bank, which was controlled by Jordan before the war, will be annexed by Zionist regime in July this year, in violation of UNSC resolutions.

“Fully supported by the Trump administration but vehemently opposed by the international community, particularly the European Union, Israel after establishing hundreds of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank has succeeded in rendering the Palestinian community an insignificant entity,” he noted.

He said the predictable annexation will be a great human tragedy as Arab countries neither possess the political will nor the capability to prevent Israel from implementing its age-old plan of taking control of what it calls Judea and Samaria.

Dr Moonis Ahmar added the EU, while condemning the planned annexation of West Bank by Zionist regime, is however unable to take punitive measures against the Jewish state like the imposition of sanctions.

“EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell made it clear that the bloc will have to reach consensus on how to respond to the announced annexation of more than 40% of the West Bank,” he noted.

The expert said although Zionist regime is currently passing through a domestic political crisis, it has managed to form a national unity coalition government comprising Netanyahu from the Likud party and former military chief Benny Gantz of the Blue and White Alliance.

“Unlike the Palestinians and their Arab counterparts, Zionist political parties are united as far as retaining Jewish settlements and denying an independent viable Palestinian state is concerned.

He said together with the Trump administration, Zionist regime is confident that it will be able to implement its annexation plan and eliminate the possibility of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem.

“The failure of the Palestinian state to emerge despite the UN partition plan of 1947 can certainly be termed as a man-made tragedy,” viewed the expert.


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