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Palestine; Arabs’ forgotten cause

Tehran, May 20, IRNA – About 70 years ago, original Arab settlers of Palestine were driven out of their home by force and savagery of so-called civilized powers and now all the populous villages are under Israeli siege.

Palestine is an ancient land and has belonged to Arab tribes since thousands of years ago. The current bog powers of the world have unconditionally supported the oppressive Zionist regime and now it is building Jewish settlements in the occupied lands trying to complete the wipeout of Palestine from the map.

Since 1948, they have continuously raided, confiscated, and razed to the ground the villages of the Palestinians and then built their settlement on the remains of the Palestinians’ houses.

The human rights watchdog wrote in its last report on May 12 that Israel’s decades of land confiscations and discriminatory policies have confined Palestinians living in the occupied lands to densely populated towns and villages that have almost no room to expand

Eric Goldstein, acting Middle East executive director of HRW said, “Israeli policy on both sides of the Green Line restricts Palestinians to dense population centers while maximizing the land available for Jewish communities.”

"These practices are well-known when it comes to the occupied West Bank, but Israeli authorities are also enforcing discriminatory land practices inside Israel."

According to the HRW, the occupying regime in Palestine directly controls 93 percent of the land in the country, including occupied East Jerusalem.

The HRW said these state lands are managed and allocated by a government agency, i.e. the Israel Land Authority (ILA), half of whose members belong to the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

Despite the fact that Palestinian citizens of Israel constitute 21 percent of Israeli citizens, Israeli and Palestinian rights groups estimated in 2017 that less than 3 percent of all land in Israel falls under the jurisdiction of Palestinian municipalities, the report added.

All these lands have been taken by force and the support of the West after 1949.

From peace to Deal

In past, the US government have tried to solve the crisis between the Zionists and the Palestinians. But after President Barrack Obama who had taken some positive measures, Donald Trump replaced the peace process with the Deal of the Century, about which he had boasted for three years. The plot was severely opposed by the Palestinians.

Trump’s plan has just some economic benefits, and that’s because he has been a real estate owner and trader. All the issues of the world cannot be solved with money.

The Deal of the Century demands that Palestinians sell all Palestine to the Zionists and also recognize Israel and that Arab countries normalize ties with Israel. It totally ignores a Palestinian government.

After the deal failed in the Arab League Summit, the Saudis thanked the US for trying to solve the issue of Palestinians and Israelis and support direct talks between the two sides under US supervision.

After the bloody wars of 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973, Arab states lost interest in Palestine and many normalized ties with the oppressing regime. The Saudis are now informally allied to the Zionists and every now and then, a sign of alliance between them leaks out.

Israeli newspapers have criticized the Zionist regime for hiding their good relations with Saudi Arabia.

Excessive demand of the Zionists and violation of Palestinians’ rights have soared in the past two years and in the past few years, the infrastructures of the strong Arab states, like Syria, Iraq, and Libya, have been destroyed by the US or its terrorist allies – something that few analysts have talked about.


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