Int'l Congress appeals to UN to implement 4-article resolution on Palestine

Tehran, May 20, IRNA - International Congress Members of Holy Quds on Wednesday adopted 4-article plan proposed by Iran on Palestine, calling on the United Nations to implement its resolution as a mere solution to settle the Palestinian issue.

Participants in the congress do not agree with the compromise, the oppressive and unilateral plans proposed by Israel, the United States as well as other reactionary regimes. But they consider Islamic Republic of Iran's proposed four-item referendum as the only humanistic and fair solution to the Palestinian issue.

They emphasize the need for its implementation as guarantee for justice and human rights in accordance with all international treaties and human rights law. We call on the United Nations and international organizations to play their historic and humanitarian role by supporting and implementing the proposal.

The statement added, "Today, there is a need for intelligent and comprehensive confrontation at various levels against the aggressive plans and actions of the Zionist regime and its allies particularly the US in destroying the Palestinian nation and land, more than ever. Therefore, we are looking for keeping such meeting on by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and independent governments at various levels.

We express our support for the resistance of the Palestinian people and their legitimate armed groups in accordance with all international laws and treaties. We also condemn the US and Israeli state terrorism in the assassination of the resistance fighters, especially the great commanders of the Islamic Resistance, martyr Haj Qasim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes, they further noted.

The statement said that we as the elites of the Islamic world believe in solving Palestinians issues such as Quds al-Sharif in order to adopt a new Islamic civilization and implement the principle of Islamic brotherhood and unity of the Islamic Ummah and putting aside all differences.

"Not only following Islamic conversations are necessary but also planning for scientific and epistemological progress and technology in all scientific fields are crucial. We also have no doubts about establishing a common scientific, cultural, media, economic, and commercial Islamic markets as well as focusing on reviving the common Islamic identity and returning to Islamic values."

The International Congress of Quds Sharif was held virtually on May 18 and 19 with the participation of speakers from 18 countries.


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