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Gov't spokesman expresses outrage at US sanctions, on anniversary of "inhuman" exit from JCPOA

Tehran, May 9, IRNA - On the second anniversary of withdrawal of US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Government spokesman Ali Rabiei on Saturday expressed outrage at US "inhuman" sanctions on Iran since May 2018 which have claimed lives due to the US refusal to supply medicines for the patients suffering the incurable and rare diseases.

One of the most deviant behaviors was shown in the international arena on May 8, 2018, prototypical of US President Donald Trump conduct of the international issues, he unleashed the highest level of sanctions against Iran due to the pressure from Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Although Trump claimed at that time that the sanctions reimposed on Iran on November 5, 2018, has targeted the government of the Islamic Republic, they were imposed solely for dividing people and the government to bring the nation to their knees and lead uprising against the government.

US president withdrew unilaterally from the July 2015 JCPOA signed by Iran and the six world powers including US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany.

That was a new sour experience, like a movie with its sad ending seen in Iraq before.

World leaders, Europeans in particular, censured the US for its exit as they believed that the JCPOA should be kept alive to ensure security and tranquility worldwide.

Meanwhile, Iran is not surely like the then Iraq, and the Iranian nation will not have the same fate the Iraqis suffered in 2001-2003.

Sanction is somehow like an indirect killing.

Sad experience of sanctions that occurred in Iraq proved that the sanctions can put people more in danger gradually.

Sanctions target the "regimes" in word, but damages "children" in practice.

In Iran, sanction is not a destiny, but rather something that can be defeated by resistance.

Sanctions will be faded away and its brutal effect will decrease through cooperation and solidarity of the communities and regional governments, different bodies and academics.

On way to resist the sanctions, an active diplomacy is needed to stand against the US allegations made freshly to proceed the sanctions via misusing dissatisfaction inside Iran.

Iranian people, some reportedly stated as rioters, took to streets in late 2019 to protest against the gasoline price hike.

Iran's Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said in Nov 2019 that the United States will get nothing by encouraging riots and sabotage in Iran and setting on fire the public wealth

The US did so as an excuse for unleashing "maximum pressure" on Iran.

Imam Khomeini, the father of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, had always said that the Iranian people are not cruel but they are after fulfillment of their absolute human rights.

Today, the United States is making an allegation that the Iranian government has taken unusual behavior, whereas Iran is faithful to human rights regulations and enjoys democracy.

Iran like other normal world nations seeks its rights and that is why it resists to the sanctions.

Based on a traditional policy, the West and the White House try to pretend that the Muslims are different from other people and do not know modern understanding about the human rights.

But, such labeling is only in line with following up a policy on diverting public opinion from the theory of war the White House is aiming.

This is two years that the maximum pressures on Iran have been imposed and the Iranian nation and government passed difficult periods, but, the Iranian society became more innovative day by day.

And, the nation tried hard to keep its independence despite facing with difficulties, natural disasters, economic problems and the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Iran could resist, and exports of its medical equipment to other states to fight the virus is a good example to prove the issue.

The experience Iran gained during the past two years proved that the country is moving towards the right path and will be successful through understanding between the nation and the government.

Iran will continue the path, will be more innovative day by day and will establish justice throughout the society.

Iran will ultimately witness new prospects and make the sanctions push back.

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