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Gando; Rare Iranian crocodile habitat

Chabahar, April 4, IRNA –According to research, 192 species of birds, 28 species of mammals, 71 species of reptiles and 150 species of plants reside in Bahu Kalat a village close to Chabahar in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, in southeastern Iran.

Bahu Kalat (Gando) Protected Area is in the extreme southeastern corner of Iran's Baluchistan along the Pakistan border. The reserve comprises arid mountain and semi-arid desert habitats straddling the Sarbaz river.

Erratic winter rains in the interior of Baluchistan produce some surface flow in most years and occasional torrential floods, but for much of the year the river holds only a series of deep, stagnant pools; there is up to 2,900 hectares of 'wetland' habitat.

In the south, the reserve includes a stretch of Arabian Sea coast, with high cliffs, long sand beaches and dunes, as well as the estuarine system of the Sarbaz river in Govatar Bay.

**** Iranian crocodile habitat

Bahu Kalat Protected Area has many ecotourism attractions and there are high and beautiful walls on the shores of the Oman Sea, beautiful forests of mangroves, eye and urticaria, short Persian short-snouted crocodiles and pleasant climate in winter, special architecture of the region and production of tropical fruits such as mango, banana, and crosswalk. Chabahar-Iranshahr communication road along Sarbaz river is one of the ecotourism attractions of this region.

 Bahu Kalat village in Sistan and Baluchistan Province has turned into a tourist attraction for its rare species of crocodiles found in Iran. A protected area in Bahu Kalat called “Gando” is home to these reptiles who go by the same name, aka Persian marsh crocodiles or short-snouted crocodiles. The region takes its name from this crocodile.

The short-snouted crocodile habitat and tourist attraction are located in southern Sistan & Baluchistan, called Gando by the locals. In captivating areas such as Bahu Kalat and Sarbaz River, versatile wildlife has taken roots in peaceful coexistence between man and beast, attracting large numbers of sightseers every year.

For the residents of southern Sistan & Baluchistan, this animal is a symbol of blessings and prosperity. They believe that if the crocodiles migrate, drought and famine will cast its shadow on their lives, leading them to do their utmost for its protection.

The head of the Chabahar and Dashtiari Department of Environmental Protection told IRNA that Bahu Kalat (Gando) Protected Area has the characteristics and general appearance of the area, including topographic status, landscape, vegetation and plant index species, general wildlife status and animal species and corridors. Is.

Ashraf Ali Hosseini added: 515 species of birds have been identified throughout Iran, according to which 192 species of birds belonging to 52 families and 123 genera live in the protected area of ​​Gando Bahuklat in this city.

He stated: In this area, there are about 131 settlements and villages, and the index species of the region and Iran, the "short-snouted crocodile" known as Gando, live in this area.


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