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US, Zionist regime continue to hatch anti-Islam plots: Iran envoy

Islamabad, Feb 4, IRNA -- Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan says the US and Zionist regime are desperately trying to write new agenda to weaken the Islamic World.

Delivering a lecture at Islamabad Strategic Studies Institute (ISSI) on “41st Anniversary of victory of Islamic Revolution and Iran-Pakistan relations” Tuesday, Mohammad Ali Hosseini warned that enemies of Islam are desperately looking to distract Muslims from their religions and Islamic identity.

 “The Islamic world should not allow that main subjects like Palestine be removed from working agenda of their conferences/ meetings,” he said.

He said that he believes the Zionist regime and US are desperately trying to write new agenda for the Islamic World.

“As recently we have witnessed the most despicable peace plan for Middle East called 'Deal of the Century',” he said.

** Islamic Revolution has vital role in awakening of Islamic Ummah

He said Islamic Revolution of Iran under leadership of a religious leader, well-known for his command in philosophy, mysticism, spirituality and ethics, means, Ayatollah Khomeini is rare occurrence, which shines and glitters on zenith of Islamic history.

“This Revolution has vital role in awakening of Islamic Ummah, rendered wonderful effects on revival of Islamic world and its interests and emotions of freedom and independence,” he pointed out.

He noted this Revolution has not only penetrated in to the hearts and lives of Islamic Ummah, rather attracted a number of enthusiasts from the deprived and oppressed segments of the world toward itself.

The envoy said the Revolution eliminated all types of discrimination on the basis of race and class and became harbinger of equality, human solidarity and safeguarding human dignity and justice for all the creation of God without any discrimination and superiority.

**Iran-Pakistan ties

He went on to say these days coincide with 72nd anniversary of friendly and close ties between Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

“The relations are based upon joint history, culture and civilization. These ties are unique and peaceful with the potential to extend to other neighbors and regional countries. This relationship based upon sacrifices and efforts for coping with problems meant to bring peace among the friends,” Hosseini added.

He noted Iran and Pakistan are passing through an important time of their bilateral relationship.

“We have reached a crucial moment, where future of political power belongs to Asia. Iran and Pakistan are part of the most important strategic members of this emerging world. In the world, the wider our relations and more active our role; more effective and efficient they will be in shaping of future equations,” said the envoy.

The envoy expressed complete readiness on behalf of his country for cooperation and support to Pakistan in achieving its development targets.

**Region witnessing brutal acts of terrorism

The envoy expressing his views said today our region recently witnessed one of the most brutal acts of terrorism.

“Around 40 days has passed since criminal assassination of the great Commander of Islam, Qasem Soleimani, and the day when through criminal offence and state terrorism, we lost the most valiant, intelligent and visionary commander,” he said.

He noted Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was a great man, who had been one of the brave and wise elements, courteous and visionary, who fought in his life, so all of us and people of the region be safe from the wickedness of cruel and ruthless terrorist groups and can live in a better and safer world.

“Once again they have proved to everyone that they have no obligation and respect to international rules and laws. The same psychotic approach and contravention of international law, which blatantly threat to attack on cultural heritage of Iran, the joint civilization and cultural heritage of humanity,” he said.

The ambassador went on to say their crime was not only to attack on national sovereignty of Iraq and brutal and cowardly assassination of glorious commander of Iran, rather to target one of elements “Providing Security” in this geography subject to different conspiracies from al-Qaeda to Daesh and al-Nusra Front.

“The regional issues like narcotics, terrorism and sectarianism have been exploited dexterously to undermine our peace and tranquility. We have to allocate our resources and wealth to remove these impediments,” said Hosseini.

He said: Our great political and economic sacrifices rendered to quell the extremist and terrorist outfits were compensated by imposing political and economic restrictions and putting us in grey lists by blaming for support of terrorism.

**Regional cooperation key to success

The envoy stated the countries of South Asia should endeavor for utilization of the great potentials and existing opportunities in the region to boost cooperation and overcome to the problems.

“Countries like Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia and China have the potential to form a new alliance for better future of the region,” viewed the ambassador.

**Iran-Pakistan economic cooperation vital for regional stability

The Ambassador said that countries like Iran and Pakistan by utilization of the relative and absolute economic gains of one another should remove any type of hurdles and problems in this regard.

“The two countries have the capability to become complementary to each other in the economic affairs of two countries,” he said.

** Other fields of cooperation between Iran, Pakistan

The ambassador counted several fields of cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in the region.

He said thst Iran and Pakistan have participated in most of the OIC conferences. “Unfortunately, due to role of the some countries, this organization has not been effective in addressing issues of the Islamic Ummah and taking positions in the support of Islamic cause,” he said.

He said one of the most important cooperation between Iran-Pakistan in shape of regional pacts is ECO. “In view of cooperation among important regional countries, ECO can play its role in their economic development,” said the envoy.

The envoy noted one of the ways to enhance cooperation between Iran and Pakistan has been the creation of Common Islamic Market. “D-8 Group of the developing Islamic countries; i.e. Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt and Nigeria, is a regional forum for boosting of strong economic ties among the developing Islamic countries,” said the diplomat.

Ambassador Hosseini termed Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project as highly strategic project. “Completion of remaining part of the project in Pakistani territory will be highly significant in view of energy problems in Pakistan,” he noted.

He viewed utilization of this project and its connection with important project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be game changer and to bring vast economic development in Pakistan and the region.

The envoy in his views said long border between Iran and Pakistan and due to variety of products, establishment of border markets can play major role in economic and trade development of the two countries.

He added officials of the two countries rightly call Gwadar and Chabahar ports complementary to each other, rather than being competitive.

“Establishment of rail network between Gwadar and Chabahar and its link up to Europe and Central Asia through Iran, will usher major economic development in the region. On the other hand construction of Railway track on Pakistani territory to China, linking the two ports will lead towards economic development in this region,” said the Iranian diplomat.

He added Iran and Pakistan, the two neighboring countries have important role in addressing regional issues through their close cooperation especially in bringing durable peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Concluding his lecture, the Ambassador said that Iran and Pakistan as two important and effective countries and their geopolitical importance in the region, long friendship and common interests, should strive further with strong resolve for enhancing of bilateral cooperation. "Undoubtedly, cooperation between the two countries will further the interests of the Islamic world," noted the envoy. 


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