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Iran envoy urges regional countries to stop buying security from outside

Islamabad, Jan 30, IRNA -- Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan highlighting Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) urged regional states not to make enemies on the basis of the delusion of buying security and development from outside.

Delivering a lecture at Islamabad Policy Institute (IPI), a local think tank, on ‘Pak-Iran Peace and Security Cooperation’ on Thursday, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini said that Iran believes in security for all, but for the realization of the vision of an all-encompassing peace, all sides will have to take clear steps.

He said today, we are celebrating the 41st anniversary of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution under the sagacious leadership of Imam Khomeini (R.S), the architect of the Islamic Revolution in the present era.

“Islamic Revolution of Iran under the leadership of a religious scholar, well known for his command in philosophy, mysticism, spirituality, and ethics, means, Ayatollah Khomeini (R.A), is a rare occurrence, which shines and glitters on zenith of Islamic history,” he noted.

He added the most important characteristic of Imam Khomeini’s personality was trust in Allah and confidence in Divine promises and reliance of huge masses of the people for the achievement of the objective.

“Islamic Revolution overturned motives on the basis of race and class and became a harbinger of equality, human solidarity and protection of human dignity and justice to the creation of Allah without distinction and superiority,” said the ambassador.

Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini added this revolution besides the characteristics mentioned here, due to its anti-imperialistic nature and animosity against oppression and support to the oppressed nations under the suppression of the imperialistic powers, has attracted the attention of a number of enthusiasts from the deprived and the oppressed segments of the world and played a vital role in awakening of the Islamic Ummah.

“Today, when I am here among you, our region recently witnessed one of the brutal acts of terrorism,” he added.

The envoy said around 40 days have passed to the criminal assassination of the great Commander of Islam, Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani.

“Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was a great man, who had been one of the brave and wise elements, courteous and visionary, who fought in his life, so all of us and people of the region be safe from the wickedness of cruel and ruthless terrorist groups and can live in a better and safer world,” said the ambassador.

The envoy expressing his views said their (American) crime was not only to attack the national sovereignty of Iraq and brutal and cowardly attack on the magnificent commander of Iran rather to target one of the pillars providing security in the geography underwent various conspiracies from Al-Qaeda to Daesh and Alnusra front.

“In this incident, the USA has once again proved that it has not the slightest respect and care for human and ethical values, rather had no obligation to legal and international rules and laws,” said the diplomat.

He added Iran and Pakistan are passing through an important time of their bilateral relationship. The new world has reached a historical milestone. 

“Today, Iran and Pakistan have successful cooperation in bilateral, regional and international levels. We have common views on most of the International and regional issues,” said Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran attaches high value to the brotherly country of Pakistan, the neighbor, which has been a good ally on happy and sad moments.

“One of the most important problems, faced by the region, is wrong impression and miscalculations which have and will have a deep effect on regional equations,” viewed the envoy.

He said, unfortunately, this cognitive impairment and miscalculations do not limit to the USA but some of its regional allies and associates also due to their submissive and unconditional dependence and alliance, have adopted the same wrong and disastrous path.

“Another reason for these destructive and inflammatory policies is the sale of ruinous weapons worth of billions of dollars in the region,” the diplomat said.

He said the Persian Gulf region and along with its Oman sea area has economic, political and strategic importance. “The unique characteristic of this region and its place in economic and security puzzle of the world has resulted in its description as term heartland by some strategists,” he said.

He noted what the region needs more than ever, is an across the board and comprehensive dialogue. A plan, Iran has been pursuing for years under the framework of the UN.

He said Hormuz Peace Endeavour is a plan of regional cooperation for the establishment of durable and long term peace throughout the region.

“Objective of this plan presented by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is maintaining of security in the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Strait of Hormuz with the participation of all regional countries and away from the interference of foreign forces; the foreigners, whom past history shows their presence so far in the region, water passages, maritime security, oil, and energy has brought nothing except insecurity, instability, more corruption, and plunder,” stated the envoy.

He said other benefits of the initiative are promotion of peace, stability, development, welfare of the inhabitants of the region, insurance of maritime security, encouraging of trade, economy, strengthening of cultural and social relations, mutual understanding, boosting of friendly ties, cooperation among the nations, addressing to all the differences to establish more collective security, which covers all the countries and regions.

“Hormuz Peace Plan also aims at to counter all types of sectarian strife, extinguishing of unrest and current conflicts in peaceful manners and through dialogue, cooperation to eliminate terrorism and extremism, realization of group of security, respect to sovereignty of the countries and their integrity, containing threats and violence and non-inferences in internal affairs of the other countries,” viewed the diplomat.

Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini said Iran wants solutions and all the regional countries should be the axis of peaceful and diplomatic solutions in various cases of the region.

“Of course, it is clear in this way, the companionship of all neighbors and clear steps by all are necessary and Pakistan’s role in this direction will be very important, we believe in security for all,’ said the ambassador.


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