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Pakistani daily calls on US to end economic war against Iran

Islamabad, Sept 18, IRNA -- A leading Pakistani English language daily called on the US to end the economic war it has unleashed against Islamic Republic of Iran and return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Dawn in its editorial comments on Wednesday said that the US needs to change its aggressive approach towards Iran.

It also said that the US and Saudi Arabia should end the ruinous war in Yemen, which has killed over 11,000 civilians.

“This, along with ending the long nightmare of the Yemeni people, can be a key move to ensure regional security, specifically that of Saudi Arabia,” it said.

The editorial said the recent attacks on two key Saudi oil facilities on Saturday, claimed by Yemen’s resistance movement, offer a small preview of just how explosive — figuratively and literally — the situation in the Middle East can become unless there is de-escalation from all sides.

The attacks, believed to have been carried out by either drones or missiles, struck the Saudi oil heartland in the country’s east, and stood out due to the devastation they caused, as well as revealed major chinks in the country’s armour where internal security is concerned.

It added the US says it has intelligence that Iran is involved, but has offered nothing concrete. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has, meanwhile, termed US accusations “max deceit”.

The editorial said the Middle East currently resembles a cauldron ready to bubble over, with multiple crises brewing in different parts of the region.

The paper said there can be two ways in the Middle East to handle issues; the first is the path of confrontation and the other path is of de-escalation.

It also said the US needs to end the economic war it has unleashed against Iran and return to the nuclear deal. The next few days will be critical and indicate which path all parties involved will take.

Meanwhile Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in two separate messages highlighted wide-scale war crimes perpetrated by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen enjoying logistical support from the US, saying that ending the war is the only solution to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

"US is in denial if it thinks that Yemeni victims of 4.5 yrs of the worst war crimes wouldn't do all to strike back," Zarif wrote in his Twitter account.


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