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Mashhad, Iran's most popular tourist destination
Mosque of Gouhar Shad

Tehran, July 14, IRNA – Mashhad is one of the most important religious and historical tourism destinations in Iran.

Mashhad is the scene of pilgrims not only on special days and occasions, such as the birthday of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Imam of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Infallible Household, it city is thronged by visitors during all seasons, many tourists from Iran and other countries.

Iran’s second largest city and spiritual center, Mashhad is located in the northeastern province of Khorasan. An historically important transit city along the Silk Road, Mashhad, which literally means ‘place of martyrdom’, is most famous for accommodating the tomb of Imam Reza, the 8th Shia Imam. Here, we explore the 10 best things to see and do whilst visiting this popular pilgrimage destination.

Today, Sunday is the birth anniversary of Imam Reza as the descendants of Prophet Muhammad, On this day, Mashhad hosts thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over Iran and other countries more than ever.

The shining golden dome of Imam Reza Square, from the surrounding streets, is perhaps the most memorable moment of travel to this beautiful city.

Mashhad is one of the largest metropolitan cities on the northeastern Iran. The mausoleum of the eighth Shia Imam is the reason, Mashhad is one of the most popular cities for Muslim tourists from different countries of the world.

This city, which was at the time of the Afsharian, the capital of Iran, is the second largest city after Tehran and has many historical and cultural attractions for tourists. In addition, many amusement hot spots such as water parks, traditional and modern markets, restaurants with diverse Iranian and international cuisines ... have made Mashhad a perfect destination for all tourists with different tastes.

Mashhad If a religious city is known to Muslims, the presence of the Church of Saint Mesrop Church in this city is a sign of Muslim friends and a group of Christians living in this city.

The abundance of luxury hotels, traditional hotels and relatively cheap hotels in Mashhad has made it easy for domestic and foreign tourists to stay in this city.

Mashhad International Airport is one of the most convenient airports in Iran, and thousands of passengers daily arrive in Mashhad through this airport, while many Mashhad passengers travel to the city by train, bus or private car.

The holy shrine of Imam Reza is very beautifully developed applying the Islamic architecture making it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions.

The presence of various museums and the tomb of great Iranian personalities such as Sheikh Baha'i, a prominent Iranian scholar in the tenth and eleventh century AH and Ferdowsi, a poet of Iran in Mashhad and its surroundings, is another attraction of the city for domestic and foreign tourists.

Tourists on visit to Mashhad can make one of the most prominent Iranian products as souvenirs of this city; Iran's unique saffron is the main souvenir of Mashhad and surrounding cities, and Mashhad's souvenirs are not limited to saffron only. And by exploring the market, it is easy to find other souvenirs of the city, including precious stones such as agate and so on.

Mashhad is a developed city with a population of more than three million people, but the permanent presence of tourists and pilgrims in this religious-historical city has caused the population of this city to be far more than this figure. 

Mashhad is the saffron-center of the world, and you won’t get a better deal anywhere where else than in the bazaars around Fakaleh Aab square.

The spice, which is gram-for-gram more expensive than gold, makes for an excellent souvenir or present. Mashhadi carpets are also particularly revered, so be prepared to haggle your way to a good price. Pilgrimage memorabilia lines the streets too, having your portrait superimposed in front of the Imam’s shrine is a especially quirky crowd favorite.


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