Explorations show sacrificed animals meat buried beside dead bodies

Tehran, Jan 23, IRNA - Placement of incomplete animal bones in two examples of the graves of Boynu Castle in the city of Varzaqan, East Azerbaijan Province, shows that at that time meat of the scarified animals was buried beside the dead body.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted head of the archeological team Alireza Hojabri Nowbari as saying on Monday that the site of the koorgans (a type of mound grave) in Boynu Castle is located in the north of Ravadanaq village in the city of Varzaqan and from the western side is close to the valley and the seasonal river and from the eastern side to the higher hills.

Exploration in the cemetery after completion of the surveys in the city of Varzaqan, was conducted within the framework of emergency exploration due to the destruction caused by unauthorized excavation, he noted.

Referring to the fact that the koorgans in the Boynu Castle are scattered on the slope of a range of relatively high hills and in an area with a span of three hectares, he reiterated that the koorgans are comprised of the two parts of Boynu Castle and Dashli Zemi which in fact were related to the same period and the same area, but have been separated by a valley with the eastern part constituting the Boynu Castle and the western side Dashli Zemi.

According to the archeologist, in the surveys conducted a total of about 150 to 200 graves in the two sites were identified over 90% of which have been destroyed due to unauthorized excavations.

Boynu Castle cemetery is on the foot of Qale Daghi site and could have belonged to the military personnel and the nobles in the area, he said.

Incomplete animal bones in two samples of the graves show that inside the graves meat of the scarified animals used to be placed, the archeologist added.


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