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Top Haredi Rabbi calls to overthrow Israeli cabinet over conscription

Tehran, IRNA - A senior Haredi rabbi attacked the cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and demanded its overthrow amid row between the regime and ultra-orthodox Jews over the compulsory military service.

Rabbi Dov Lando, the leader of Lithuanian Orthodox Jews, said in a statement that the cabinet that forces members of religious schools to serve in the military has no right to survive, IRNA reported on Wednesday night citing an Arabic website.

"The Israeli army is at war with us and they want to take away the rights of Torah students and this is complete suicide,”, Londo said, adding that “this regime (of Netanyahu) is against us in every way."

This senior Haredi rabbi also asked other rabbis to take a united stand against military service.

The issue of military service is one of the most contentious that the Zionist regime has faced, and this has caused major rift between the right-wing and left-wing political forces and deep gaps between secular Zionists and the Orthodox Haredi in Occupied lands.

Since the creation of Israel in Occupied Palestine, ultra-Orthodox Jews were exempted from compulsory military service while studying. But calls got lauder in recent years for them to join the Zionist army, prompting the top Israeli court to strike down the law exempting ultra-orthodox from the military service.

Secularists and leftists want to force them to do compulsory duty, and rightists, while defending them, refuse to force them to do this. The debate over this law is one of the crises the current cabinet headed by Benjamin Netanyahu has been facing.

Several Rabbis have issued similar warnings in recent months, with some even suggesting to leave Israel if their youth were forced for the compulsory military duties.

The latest warning from a top Rabbi comes as thousands of people have already left Israel since the Operation Al-Aqsa Storm by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and the regime’s launch of a genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.


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