Jul 9, 2024, 1:31 PM
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Iranian police arrest smugglers trying to sell 2,000-year-old statue

Tehran, IRNA – Head of Tehran Prevention Police Colonel Ali Ghasempour said that two smugglers of a 2,000-year-old statue have been arrested.

The police forces in police station 179 Persian Gulf in Tehran discovered the two smugglers who wanted to sell a 2,000-year-old statue, Ghasempour said on Tuesday.

The police managed to identify and arrest the smugglers in a strike operation, he said.

According to Ghasempour, the statue was discovered and taken to the police station in the initial inspection of the smugglers’ hideout.

After further investigation, it was found that a buyer of antiques intended to buy this statue for 200 billion Rials (about $344,000), the colonel added.


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