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Hezbollah’s Hudhud drone broke Israeli army’s hegemony: Analyst

Tehran, IRNA – A senior expert on Lebanon’s international relations said that Hezbollah’s Al-Hudhud drone broke the hegemony of the Israeli army and destroyed the myth of this army’s power.

Referring to the recent intelligence operations of Hezbollah against the Zionist regime, Adnan Allameh argued that the resistance group’s intelligence drone operation was one of the most painful ones since the establishment of the fake Israeli regime.

The enemy is shocked by this operation in such a way that it has no justification for this intelligence failure and the defeat of all defense devices and systems such as Iron Dome, Flakhan David, and Patriot, he added.

He said considering that Israeli settlers have experienced insecurity in the past few months and tens of thousands of them were displaced, this operation will double the sense of insecurity among Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories for several decades, he stated.

Allameh further said that the operation was a strategic intelligence failure and threatened the security of the Zionist regime, in which a small drone was able to overcome the most advanced defense systems and capture accurate images of the enemy’s most important possessions.

The resistance has already identified all these targets and provided the necessary and appropriate weapons to attack them, he said.

The Zionists realized that all the targets in the occupied Palestinian territories were within the reach of the resistance, and with the slightest aggression against Lebanon, all of them would be destroyed, the analyst added.


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