Jun 23, 2024, 11:04 PM
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Syria calls on int’l community to stop Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Tehran, IRNA -- Syria has called on the international community to help stop the Israeli regime’s genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza and stop its crimes that are against the UN Charter and international law.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Sunday, describing the Israeli regime’s crimes against Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank the most horrific since World War II, according to SANA state news agency.

Despite condemnation by the majority of the international community, the regime continues with its heinous acts, the statement said, adding that “leaders of the racist Zionist entity have made human annihilation their slogan and a goal they seek to maintain their occupation of the Palestinian territories and other occupied Arab territories.”

The ministry further said that “the international inability” to force Israel to respect Palestinians’ rights is encouraging the regime’s leaders to continue “this war of extermination”, adding that those who provide the regime with political, financial and military support “are partners in this crime.”

The Syrian foreign ministry renewed its demand on the international community to stop the Gaza genocide and declare the Israeli army criminal, and hold the regime accountable for the crimes it has committed against the Palestinians and humanity.


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