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Gaza war ‘black mark’ on US human rights record: Iran rights official

Tehran, IRNA – Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi has said that the slogan “Gaza is the black mark of the US human rights record” has been chosen for the “Week to Review and Expose the American Human Rights.”

Gharibabadi said on Sunday that the US regime has been fully involved in the Gaza war and supported the Zionist regime in all dimensions of the genocide.

In Judiciary Week in Iran, which is named after former head of the Iranian Judiciary Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti along with 72 colleagues who were martyred in a terrorist bomb blast in June 1981, the country plans to shed light on important issues such as Gaza and the Israeli crimes.

He further noted that Iranians will also hold human rights programs from Wednesday (June 26), when volunteers will help review the dark side of US human rights and reveal them at national and international levels.

The US has taken many actions in violation of human rights against other countries, as well as its own people, he said, adding that the volume of crimes of the state is unprecedented, including the violation of women’s rights and the rights of people of color.

Gharibabadi added that the brutal conduct of the US police forces against university students and professors who wanted to defend the oppressed Gaza residents is a sign of violent behavior and crimes by the American establishment.

The US regime has also carried out anti-Iran actions, and everyone should be aware of such actions, including the imposition of sanctions, he said, adding that the West attempts to force other nations to accept the Western lifestyle, which is unacceptable by other countries.


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