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UN reveals 14 Zionists intentionally killed by Israeli army on Oct. 7: Report

Tehran, IRNA — The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry says 14 Zionist soldiers were intentionally killed by the Israeli army on October 7, 2023, media outlets have reported.

According to news outlets 14 Israeli soldiers were deliberately killed on October 7, 2023, as the Zionist regime sought to prevent its forces from being captured.

The Hannibal Procedure or Hannibal Protocol, is an Israeli military policy that stipulates the use of maximum force not to allow soldiers to be kidnapped.

Although the directive is presently defunct, the Israeli troops resort to it to advance their objectives in the war time.

The Protocol was officially revoked in 2016, but the Zionist media report the Israeli army took the advantage of the directive during Al-Aqsa Storm Operation.


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