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‘Iran’s Operation True Promise eliminated hollow Zionist deterrence’

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s acting Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani has emphasized that the Islamic Republic’s initiative to punish the Zionist aggressor with Operation True Promise, turned the clumsy decision of the Zionist regime into another decline for them.

Addressing the International Conference of “Gaza; Oppressed and Resilient” in Tehran on Saturday morning, the top diplomat said everyone saw that the make-believe and hollow deterrence of the Zionist regime was eliminated as a result of the operation.

In response to the Israeli regime’s deadly attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, the Islamic Republic conducted a massive drone and missile strike, which proved that the regime’s propagated deterrence power is incapable in the face of Iran’s military might.

As to the issue of Palestine, he argued that Gaza has turned into the oppressed and powerful nation, as well as a strategic issue of the region and the world.  

Certain world powers had attempted to give the illegitimate existence of the Zionist regime an artificial identity and erase a historical nation called Palestine amidst hollow political agreements, but the Islamic resistance succeeded in nullifying all these conspiracies, he noted.

The Operation Al-Aqsa Storm is a turning point in the history of Palestine, Bagheri Kani said, adding that the Zionist regime faced two choices of surrendering or resisting in the face of the Palestinian resistance; so, it decided to confront the resistance; thus, its situation is deteriorating day by day.

The Zionist regime is experiencing a very dire situation in terms of international condemnation and legal prosecution as a result of its brutal acts in Gaza, he added.

Therefore, the Zionist regime and its advocates must be aware that they have no choice other than dialogue, because the resistance is more powerful than ever and the Zionists must understand the resistance’s message, he said.


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