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Supreme Leader: Islamic governments' help to Zionist regime ‘a betrayal to Islamic Ummah’

Tehran, IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has criticized some Islamic governments for assisting the Zionist regime, saying that their measure is a betrayal to both the Islamic world and themselves.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks on Wednesday during a meeting with a group of Iranian officials and ambassadors of Islamic countries to Tehran on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, a few hours after he led the Eid prayers in the capital city.

He said that Islamic governments do not fulfill their duties when it comes to the Palestinian issue, adding that some of them unfortunately help the Zionist regime militarily, financially, and politically.

“This is a betrayal – a betrayal to the Islamic Ummah. This is a betrayal to them [Islamic governments] as well, because they are strengthening the weakening Zionist systems, which will eventually harm them”, Ayatollah Khamenei said, arguing that the Zionists only serve their own interests and the Islamic governments’ help to the regime would eventually help destroy themselves.

He said that Iran as well as Muslim nations expect Islamic governments to cut political and economic ties with the Zionist regime and stop assisting it, at least temporarily and as long as the regime continues its crimes.

“If referendums are held in Islamic countries, all people will definitely vote for cutting ties with the Zionist regime by their governments. There is no doubt about that.”

Ayatollah Khamenei noted that Islamic governments are assisting the Zionist regime at a time when Gaza has turned into a top issue of the Muslim world, and nations, even non-Islamic ones, have expressed solidarity with the defenseless Palestinian people.

A clear sign of that solidarity is the unprecedented demonstrations that have been held in Africa, Asia, Europe, and even the US against Zionist crimes, he added.

The Supreme Leader also referred to this year’s Quds rallies, describing them as an amazing international political move.

He specifically hailed the Iranian people for their massive turnout in Quds rallies, which were held last Friday.

“In the real sense of the word, it was a public uproar across the county on Quds Day”, Ayatollah Khamenei said, saying that the Iranian nation should be practically appreciated over their move.


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