Apr 9, 2024, 3:38 PM
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Hamas representative says Zionist regime totally isolated in region, world

Tehran, IRNA – Representative of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas in Tehran Khalid Qaddoumi has said that diplomatic measures have caused the Zionist regime to be totally isolated in the region and world.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Qaddoumi said that the diplomatic measures taken during this period have been effective because today Zionist regime is totally isolated in the region and world, whether among the UN members or in its ties with the US and European countries.

He added that the diplomatic actions of pro-Palestinian countries should be in a way that they force the Zionist regime to stop the war and genocide against the Palestinian people.

Qaddoumi described the diplomatic actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the beginning of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against diplomatic measures of the US as the main supporter of the Zionist regime as good and constructive.

Referring to the necessity and importance of rebuilding Gaza after the end of the war, he said, “According to some reports and announced statistics, the casualties and material damage to Gaza have been estimated at more than $30,000 billion which shows the depth of the catastrophe.”

He concluded, “It is necessary to reach a definitive conclusion regarding the cessation of genocide and the crimes of the Zionist regime before addressing the issue of rebuilding Gaza.”


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