Mar 20, 2024, 3:44 AM
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US sends meddlesome New Year messages to Iranians

Mar 20, 2024, 3:44 AM
News ID: 85422957
US sends meddlesome New Year messages to Iranians

New York, IRNA- US President Joe Biden and his wife, in a message hour before the beginning of the Persian New Year and the arrival of Nowruz, once again interfered in Iran’s internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

Biden and his wife, in a statement released by the White House, congratulated those who celebrate Nowruz calling the occasion "a time for reflection, renewal and rebirth".

The US president, however, used the occasion to target Iranians and their government with his usual rhetoric against the Islamic Republic.

This year, Nowruz comes in difficult circumstances for many, at a time when hope is needed more than ever, and the United States of America continues to stand by the brave women of Iran who are fighting for their freedoms. And we, along with our partners, will hold the Iranian authorities accountable for denying fundamental human rights, Biden said in his statement.

Other American officials also issued congratulatory messages on the beginning of the solar new year but some of their messages were filled with interventionist remarks regarding Iran’s internal affairs.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who is on a trip to Asia, posted his picture next to the Haftseen (a tradition of putting seven materials whose names begin with S) table at the State Department before the Iranian new year 1403 and congratulated people on the occasion.

US sends meddlesome New Year messages to Iranians

Happy Nowruz to all those who celebrate the beginning of spring and the renewal of life. May we appreciate family ties and hope for brighter days in the future, Blinken wrote in his post according to IRNA.

Abram Paley, the Deputy US Special Representative for Iran Affairs, however, used the occasion to intervened in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic on the pretext of supporting the Iranian people in a video message posted on his X account, which was also translated into Persian.

"Iran is a country with huge natural resources and tremendous human talents, educated, ambitious and intelligent youth, but unfortunately the Iranian government continues to waste these blessings through corruption and mismanagement," Paley said in his mixed hate-filled remarks.

This US official interfered further in Iran's affairs with his claim that “America eagerly awaits the day when the people of Iran have a government that works and strives for them."

"In the meantime, the United States will continue to support you and your ideals for a free and democratic Iran." Paley continued with his derogatory statement on the Nowruz occasion, exposing the US government’s real stance and agenda against Iran.


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