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Zionists lack enough courage and strength to open a new front: Diplomat

Tehran, IRNA – A senior Iranian diplomat has downplayed the Israeli regime’s threats as rhetoric and psychological warfare, noting that it lacks enough courage and strength to open a new front.

Speaking to IRNA on Tuesday, Hossein Jaberi Ansari, a former Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said the Israeli regime is unlikely to seek to open the lock of the game in Gaza with a new game and new front although some believe that the regime has reached a point that it should enlarge the scope of the game.

Israel has got stuck in the first unlocking and should not create a new lock as there is no guarantee for it to be able to manage the scene, the diplomat said.  

He noted that Hezbollah has been managing its actions due to restrictions at home and once Israel decides to extend the war, Hezbollah will be free to response forcefully which he said would change the equations of the war.

“How can the Zionist regime, which has been unable to open the lock of a besieged resistance for four and a half months, enter the arena of Lebanon which … has the experience of an 18-year-long battle from 1982 to 2000, and especially the experience of the 2006 war?” he asked.


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