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'Lebanese resistance ready for all scenarios against Israeli enemy'

Tehran, IRNA - Hassan Fadlallah, a member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc in Lebanon's parliament, has said that the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah is prepared for all scenarios in the face of the Israeli enemy.

Addressing lawmakers on Monday, Fadlallah said that the resistance movement is ready for the worst-case scenarios and that all areas in the Israeli-occupied territories are within the range of Hezbollah’s missiles.

He stressed that the Israeli occupiers could not achieve their military objectives in Palestine and Lebanon due to the might of the resistance, noting that from the very beginning of the ongoing war, the enemy threatened to destroy Lebanon, but the resistance has been committed to its steadfast stance and the Israeli enemy is not in a position to dictate any conditions.

He further said that the resistance sees the US administration as a culprit in all the massacres happening in the Gaza Strip, because the American authorities had the chance to avoid the genocidal war.

However, he added, all fronts have been united and fought back to put pressure on the occupying regime in order to force it to stop the crimes in Gaza.

Following the onset of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, Hezbollah kicked off retaliatory attacks on the Israeli regime’s positions in a bid to engage the regime’s forces in the northern front and reduce Israeli pressures on Gazan fighters.

As a result of Hezbollah’s strikes, tens of thousands of Israeli settlers abandoned the settlements near the Lebanese borderline.


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