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US, UK give Zionists more opportunities to commit crimes: Ansarullah

Tehran, IRNA – The spokesman of Yemen's Ansarullah movement, Mohammed Abdul Salam, has said that the US and British attacks on the Arab country mean giving more opportunities to the Zionist regime to commit more crimes against the people of Gaza.

According to the Yemeni news network Al-Masirah, Abdul Salam said in a post on his X (formerly Twitter) account that the continuation of the aggressive attacks of the US and the UK against Yemen shows their insistence on protecting the Zionist regime and giving more opportunities to it to continue its brutal attacks against the people of Gaza for the fifth consecutive month.

The Americans and the British should know that Yemen’s position will not change or break, but Yemen will become stronger and stick to its positions, he asserted.

The Ansarullah spokesman added that the operations of the Yemeni Navy against the ships of the Zionist regime or the ships bound for the occupied Palestinian ports will continue until the war in Gaza stops and the blockade of this strait is lifted.


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