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US misleading world with false claim about threats to int’l shipping: Ansarullah spox

Tehran, IRNA - Spokesman of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, has urged the countries around the world on Wednesday night not to fall into a deceptive claim of the United States about the existence of threats to international shipping.

Abdul-Salam reiterated Ansarullah’s and the Yemeni army’s pledge that the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea are safe for international shipping except for Israeli or Israeli-bound vessels, Yemeni Al-Maseera TV quoted him as saying.

“The Americans should stop misleading the world about the existence of danger and threats to shipping in these two seas”, he said. “We ask all countries to be careful not to fall into the US trap, whose goal is to militarize the Red Sea to serve the Israeli interest and encourage the regime to continue its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip”.

The Ansarullah spokesman noted, however, that the Yemeni armed forces will continue to target Israeli ships or those heading to Israeli ports in the occupied Palestinian territories until the Zionist regime ends its genocidal war and blockade of Gaza.

Ansarullah has categorically censured the Israeli aggression against the besieged territory that has claimed tens of thousands of innocent lives and "destroyed everything in Gaza.”

During the past weeks, the Yemeni army has targeted over two dozen Israeli-bound commercial vessels and oil tankers in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab strait in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. The Yemeni army has already defied US threats, saying such attack will continue as long as the Zionist regime keeps spilling the blood of the Palestinians.

The United States claims that it has created a naval coalition to counter the operations of the Yemeni army in the Red Sea, but France, Spain, and Italy have refused to hand over their warships to the command of the United States by confirming their withdrawal from this coalition.

Despite massive patrolling of American warplanes and helicopters in the region, the US has failed to counter Yemeni attacks on Israeli-linked ships, prompting many shipping firms to reroute their vessels around Africa to reach their destinations.


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