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US, Europe should accept their obligations: Analyst

Tehran, IRNA – The West proposes a baseless interim deal in order to sell Iranians’ rights to them under the guise of giving concessions, while the Islamic Republic has repeated that Tehran will not succumb to such a game and that the US and Europe should accept their obligations for a future deal, an expert said.

Mohammad Ghaderi, a foreign policy expert, told IRNA on Friday that the Western sides involved in the Vienna talks have labored hard to get in the way of a logical negotiation when it came to important issues such as verification of future commitments of the US as well as assurances for avoiding potential non-compliance to the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The root cause of the current situation in implementing the nuclear deal officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is completely clear, Ghaderi said, adding that the US withdrew from the deal in May 2018 and ever since, Europe has done nothing tangible to maintain the agreement alive, so the world public opinion cannot accept their propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic.

According to the analyst, the Western powers and their media outlets have tried to portray Iran as the one who is not serious in the Vienna Talks in a bid to put the blame of possible failure of the negotiations on Iranians.

After the negotiating teams, i.e. the P4+1 group (the UK, France, Russia, China plus Germany) were persuaded to accept Iran’s draft texts as the basis of negotiations, the Western sides tried to sabotage negotiations on issues such as verification and assurance, the pundit added.

If the Westerners especially the Americans really want to reach a good deal, they are expected to make hard political decisions and accept obligations for a proper agreement, which are removal of sanctions, implementation of the JCPOA as well as verification and assurances, he noted. 

As to the so-called interim deal, he warned that some Western politicians and media propose such unfounded issues in order to put pressure on the Iranian negotiation team and try to squeeze concessions from the Islamic Republic.

The proposal is not based on facts on the ground in negotiating table, because the Westerners want to sell Iranians’ rights to them as a kind of concession; and this is while the Islamic Republic has time and again declared that it will not accept such a propaganda campaign and illegal pressure, Ghaderi argued.

Iran does not pursue erosive and continuous negotiations because it is keen on reaching an agreement, he said, adding that those who are responsible for the current situation should make proper political decisions in order to pave the way for an acceptable consensus.


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