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Iran has not put all eggs in negotiations basket: Analyst

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s active regional policy has conveyed the message to the Western powers that Tehran will utilize other capacities and will not put all its eggs in the negotiation basket if West does not adopt a proper strategy in dealing with Iranians, a political expert says.

Mohammad Ghaderi, an expert in international affairs, told IRNA on Wednesday that Iran has shown a powerful presence in the Economic Cooperation Council (ECO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Council (SCO) in recent months, so the Iranian Government will not wait for the United States and Europe and will resolve economic issues and develop the Islamic country using other sources.

Iran’s active participation in the ECO and the SCO summits indicated that the Western powers in particular the US have not been successful in isolating the Islamic Republic and this is because this country enjoys vast political, economic, security, and defense capacities, which give it an important position in region and international arenas, the analyst noted.

He further said that the Islamic Republic plans to hold talks with the West and that the main goal of the negotiation is the realization of Iranians’ rights as well as removal of illegal and cruel sanctions.

As to psychological warfare of Western media against Iran, Ghaderi mentioned that Western media outlets try to put forward their agenda within the framework of propagating the game of who is to blame.

According to the expert, the US officials wanted to misuse a trip made by Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi to Tehran as part of their psychological warfare against Iran to accuse the Islamic Republic of refusing to hold talks, but the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi has shown seriousness to enter a result-oriented negotiation aimed at paving the way for lifting anti-Iran sanctions and reviving the 2015 nuclear deal.

The American authorities resorts to threatening policy to put more pressures on the Islamic Republic, which indicates the White House is not seeking to reach any agreement on the nuclear issue, but they want to create a psychological warfare to add up to the pressures on the Iranians, he concluded.


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