Webinar of Iranian literature effect on world held in Spain

Tehran, IRNA – The cultural attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Spain held a webinar on Iranian Literature Effect on the World, attended by experts and Iranologists from both Iran and Spain.

Iran's Ambassador to Spain Hassan Qashqavi, Iran's Cultural Attaché Mohammad Mahdi Ahmadi in Spain, and Ali Akbar Ziaei from Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, as well as Spanish Iranologists Joaquín Rodríguez Vargas and Javier Hernandez Diaz, gave speeches in the webinar.

Ziaei gave a background on the footprint of Persian literature on Spanish language and literature.

He pointed to the Persian literary works translated into Spanish during Muslims reign on Andalusia and even after that.

He referred to Alfonso X, the king of Castile, who ordered the translation of a poem from the 11th century Persian poet Manuchehri into Spanish language, which then became a source of effect in Spanish literature.

Rodríguez Vargas spoke on the effect of Persian literature on Arabic literature, highlighting the impact of Iran's old bureaucracy and the literature produced on this field and Pahlavid texts translated into Arabic on Arabic literature.

Elsewhere, Hernandez Diaz underscored the importance of Toledo School translators, who translated a host of Arabic texts during the 12th an 13th centuries, noting that those Arabic texts were themselves influenced by Persian literature.

Hernandez Diaz also referred to Alfonso X of Castile who ordered the translation of Kalila and Demna, a collection of fables which was first translated into Pahlavid in the 6th century from the original Sanskrit version.


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