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Renowned Eastern Poet

Tehran, IRNA - Nasser Jan Masoumi, a Tajik linguist and literature expert, wrote an article "Eastern Renowned Poet" in the Tajik magazine of Voice of the East around 50 years ago, praising prominent Persian poet Hafez.

Shah Mansour Shah Mirza, Tajik literature researcher, transliterated the Persian article from Cyrillic Alphabet into Persian alphabet. Masoumi's effort proves that great literature figures in the region pay attention to Persian language and literature.

Despite the fact that there are renowned Persian literature experts in Tajikistan too, the Tajik people attach special importance to Hafez and his poems, so when they want to read his poems, they perform ablution (Islamic washing for prayers) because they believe Hafez's poems are come from Quran verses.

Many Tajik people honor Divan of Hafez as a sacred book and use it when they want say farewell to passengers or pray for their children.

Nasser Jan Masoumi (1915-1974) wrote the article "Eastern Renowned Poet" fifty years ago to explain the Persian poet for the people of Tajikistan. Masoumi played key role in writing student books in Tajikistan.

Khawje Shams-od-Din Mohammad Hafez-e Shirazi, also named Hafez or Hafiz, was a Persian poet and thinker, who is well-known not only in Iran but also all over the world.

Other literature experts from Tajikistan wrote some articles on Hafez and his importance in Persian poetry and literature. Tajik institutes such as Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature, Institute of Oriental Studies, and Tajik State National University published quite a few papers on Hafez and his works.


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