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Iran's membership in SCO, a new path to regional unity: Pakistani Expert

Islamabad, IRNA -- Pakistan's international affairs expert and the prominent lawyer said Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a diplomatic victory and added that it would pave the way for Iran along with China and Russia to develop a regional alliance.

During an interview with IRNA, Saad Rasool said it is really a moment of congratulations that they go out to Iran both in terms of diplomatic victory in becoming the SCO permanent member and naturally the economic and possible military support that might come with it.

“This would not help only Iran but would also help the region. Iran has perhaps suffered the most over the past forty years as a country that faced the wrath of uni-polar world, led by America,” he noted.

He said the US has been dominating all economic and diplomatic ties with the threat of military intervention from time to time and certainly intelligence interventions from time to time.

“Now in the new world, especially in past two to three years and particular America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and losing the war in Iraq, it is clear that the uni-polar world is now thing of the past and it does not exist anymore,” added Saad Rasool.

He said the world is now moving towards a new world order in which one country will not be able to dominate the world politics, economy, and military, now there would be new power centers particularly China and Russia both of which are part of the SCO and Iran’s involvement in SCO and becoming a permanent member will help foster those relationships more and hopefully would help develop a regional alliance.

The expert in his views said the new world in which we live in both Iran and Pakistan has similar concerns from the west.

He said main countries led by the US have distrust on Pakistan as well as on Iran and now after the withdrawal from Afghanistan this region and particularly Iran and Pakistan collaboration and cooperation on diplomatic, economic, and other fronts will be very important.

“Iran and Pakistan must convert their cooperation into a much larger regional bloc with common allies like China,” he said.

He went on to say that Iran's permanent membership in the SCO would not only foster regional cooperation but provide Iran and Pakistan a common platform to voice their concern with a larger region and make sure coherent and comprehensive strategies would be developed.


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