US sanctions wave reaches tiles used in mosques

Tehran, IRNA – US sanctions against Iran, which hit medicine, food, and livelihood of Iranians in addition to industrial, economic and defense sectors, have now impeded export of decoration tiles used in mosques in the US.

The custodian of a mosque based in north of Virginia has requested the US government to end seizure of tiles imported from Iran before they are destroyed.

Associated Press reported on Tuesday, citing custodian of Menasaz Mosque Abolfazl Nahidian, that the tiles produced in the Iranian city of Qom at the order of the mosque were imported in June to build another mosque.

Nahidian told in a news conference at the mosque that the tiles were a gift, not bought, and the mosque had received such tile shipments without any incident until as recent as eight months ago.

However, US Customs and Border Protection has seized the shipment in question in Dulles International Airport and demanded it to be shipped back or destroyed.

Nahidian said that destroying the tiles, which are adorned with Quranic verses, would be especially disturbing as destroying them is the same as destroying verses of the Quran or the whole Quran itself.

The United States ceased its participation to the nuclear deal with Iran, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was signed in 2015 and endorsed by the United Nations Security Council to remove sanctions against Iran, in return of putting limitations over Iran’s nuclear program.

The US, then, restored all sanctions and added some more, which ultimately led to hurting Iranian’s livelihood and impeded even import of food and medicine.

US President Joe Biden has promised to rejoin the JCPOA, which requires lifting sanctions against Iran, but Washington has yet to implement the promise.


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