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Iran's Human Rights official: America responsible for its criminal acts

Tehran, IRNA – Deputy head of Iranian Human Rights Headquarters said on Saturday that the US crimes against humanity at the international scene must not go unpunished, stressing that the American government must be held accountable for its criminal acts.

Addressing the 3rd International Conference on American Human Rights from the Viewpoint of the Supreme Leader, Majid Tafreshi condemned the instrumental use of the human rights issue by the Americans and the US resorting to terrorist acts against other nations and stressed that the US terrorist violation of Human Rights is not limited to the Iranian borders, as Afghanistan, too, for instance, is a live example, has been suffering from US criminal acts that have led to the International Court of Justice preliminary investigations.

Tafreshi said that in the winter of 2019 the International Court of Justice at Hague issued a decree according to which its prosecutor can investigate the claims made about the war crimes probably committed by American forces in Afghanistan.

The decree in question faced the negative reaction of the then US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who called it “irresponsible and amazing”, and said the US feels no obligation for accepting the decree issued by the “so-called” International Court of Justice. But Judge Pioter Homovski, the head of the criminal branch of the International Court of Justice voted that the investigation decree issued at Hague is quite authentic and applicable.

The deputy head of Iranian Human Rights Headquarters said that Popeo's calling that decree amazing and warding off responsivity from the United States was followed by America’s sponsoring of an Afghanistan peace conference to pretend that the situation is quite normal and no crimes had been committed.

He said that the US efforts to go unpunished in that respect was contrary to the comments made by Amnesty International’s Solomon Sako on the new decree by the International Court of Justice and the adopted decision to defend the rights of the victims of the war crimes who described it as a historical moment for the human society and safeguarding the human rights.

Today 13,000 US soldiers are escaping from Afghanistan fearing the decree issued by the International Court of Justice become operational.

America is not a member of that court, the official added, because it fears that its soldiers would be brought to justice around the globe for their anti-human rights behaviors.

He said that during the past 18 years more than 32,000 civilians have been massacred in Afghanistan, which reveals the true picture of American-style human rights.

***Zionist regime’s crimes, impossible without US support

The deputy head of Iranian Human Rights Headquarters said that the illegal recognition of the Holy Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital city of the usurper Zionist regime by the former US President Donald Trump was contrary to the entire international rules and regulations and will of the international community, and has thus far led to the martyrdom of over 60,000 Palestinians.

As a result, we can say that the opening of the US Embassy in Holy Quds was the bloodiest opening in the history of the diplomatic ties and at the international scene, he added.


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