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Agenda for upcoming IAEA session to break deadlock

Tehran, April 5, IRNA – The upcoming IAEA session will be a testing for capability of the G4+1 to break the deadlock forcing the US to abide by its legal commitments, especially on immediate and full termination of nuclear sanctions.

According to IRNA from the Noor News Agency (NNA), the regular seasonal joint session of JCPOA Commission is scheduled for Tuesday, April 6 on which Iran’s representative and the members of the G4+1 will meet in Austrian capital city, Vienna.

Preliminary session was held online last Friday due to certain false claims by some western media.

Iran’s representative in that session, Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, said on Sunday the speculations in some western media on Iran-US indirect talks: The Islamic Republic of Iran only negotiates with the members of the Joint G4+1 -- JCPOA Commission, and has not direct, or indirect talks with Americans, and nor will have such talks with them.

“We will in this session merely negotiate in the framework of our stands in accordance with the policies announced by the Supreme Leader to the G4+1 members,” he added.

Accordingly, the Tuesday session in Vienna will be a regular seasonal session of the JCPOA G4+1 Commission, and as it has previously been announced by the Iranian officials, Iran’s main condition for returning to its JCPOA commitments is immediate and full termination of the nuclear sanctions and verification of that move.

Naturally, if the JCPOA G4+1 Commission will in any way manage to convince the United States to observe Iran’s only condition, Iran, too, will after verification of the US move re-start observing its JCPOA commitments.

Thus, although some media have announced that the Tuesday JCPOA session will be on step by step process of the US return to JCPOA, as the Iranian deputy foreign minister and participant in that session has clearly announced, Iran is not agreed with the step by step process and there is no need for achieving any new roadmap in that respect, especially keeping in mind some western politicians and diplomats’ talks on the need for including non-JCPOA issues, such as Iran’s missile capabilities in those talks.

The JCPOA is non-negotiable, as Iran has emphatically said many times, and all 600 US nuclear sanctions need to be terminated before Iran’s resuming of observation of its full JCPOA commitments, after verification of the truthfulness of the US moves.


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