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Raghz Canyon; bride of the valleys of Fars Province

Tehran, March 14, IRNA - It is regarded as the bride of the blue valleys, a canyon that is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and untouched landscapes in the South Zagros Mountains. In Raghz, more than anything, the roar of rivers and waterfalls can be heard.

At a distance of 30 km northeast of Darab, a city in Fars province that stretches along the elevated peaks of Zagros mountains, there is a wonderful strait called Raghz in the Fasarood region. Raghz, which means an untouched and slippery road, is also known as Rudkhiz among the natives of the region. It is located near the tourist villages of Shamsabad and Hassanabad and stretches from north to south for approximately four kilometers.

*** valley of roaring waterfalls 

Raghz Canyon is irrigated by the blessing waters. The name of the river comes from the fact that it has more than 60 waterfalls and 100 natural ponds in its heart. However, the difficulty of the road and the need for mountaineering equipment to reach all the waterfalls and ponds have kept most of them from out of the reach of the tourists. Derakhshesh waterfall, Veda’a waterfall, Kabootar waterfall with a height of 65, 46 and 25 meters respectively are among the highest of Raghz. Negin, Boom Rang, Damagheh, Hekmat, Fath and Massoud are other famous waterfalls of this canyon.

*** a favorite destination for adventure lovers 

Raghz Canyon can be a dream destination for nature lovers who love excitement. Diving in ponds and swimming in clear waters is an experience that will always stay in memories. Along with these wonderful moments, watching the untouched and beautiful scenery and listening to the sound of nature, brings unrepeatable peace. This Canyon is a combination of all the pure natural pleasures that tourists can experience. Apart from all these beauties, the Love Pond, which is one of the most beautiful and famous ponds in the Raghz Canyon, has an interesting story for travelers. This heart-shaped pool attracts many visitors to take souvenir photos and videos.

*** travel to Raghz

The canyon is relatively cold compared to the surrounding nature due to its distance from sunlight. The presence of waterfalls and ponds full of water along the route to Raghz Canyon adds to this cold weather. So, if you are planning to travel to this area, choose the warm seasons of the year so that you can be safe from the summer heat. Raghz Canyon is located in Fasarood region and to reach it you have to move from Shiraz to Fasa, go to Darab road and then continue to Hassanabad route until you reach the canyon. If you want to have a detailed tour of the place, it is better to go with a tour guide to get benefits from their tips and experiences. In addition, crossing some routes requires mountaineering equipment and tours can provide you with such facilities.


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