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IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, scene for verifying Biden’s frankness

Tehran, March 1, IRNA – International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors Meeting begins today and it seems its main focus will be Iran-world powers’ nuclear deal, related consultations, and ways for safeguarding the international agreement.

Yet, no solution will work before US behavior reforms, termination of sanctions, and West’s abiding by its full JCPOA commitments.

The IAEA Board of Governors Meeting that will continue till the end of the week is the first meeting of that UN organization ever since the new US administration led by Joe Biden has taken charge at the White House and therefore, the US behavior at IAEA is highly under the scrutiny of all its members.

The meeting is actually the best scene for verifying the claims made by the new US administration on respecting diplomacy, multilateralism, and Washington’s behavior modification in dealing with other countries.

Iran’s recent agreement with the IAEA during the UN nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi’s Tehran visit was another sign of Iran’s goodwill and constructive approach for cooperation with the IAEA and once again proved that despite the West’s breaching of all its commitments and obvious violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) terms and conditions, Tehran is still the best keeper of that international agreement.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif reiterated after Mr. Grossi’s visit to Tehran: Iran’s cooperation with the agency will continue, but it will not include the Additional Protocol and beyond.

According to the recent agreement between Iran and IAEA, the necessary activities of the agency and its verification tests will continue for the next three months. Also, the reached agreement will be continually revised to make sure that is pre-defined functions for achieving its objective are still effective.

According to the two sides’ communique on the matter, Iran will also keep on fully abiding by the IAEA nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), as before.

The IAEA had till last year in its numerous reports approved Iran’s claim on the peaceful nature of its nuclear program and confirmed that there is no deviation in its activities towards military purposes.

Iran has since April 2019, in reaction to former US administration, led by Donald Trump’s unilateral exit from JCPOA and the other Western sides’ breaching of their JCPOA commitments started taking a series of steps towards decreasing its commitments proportionate with the other sides in accordance with Article 36 of the JCPOA.

Tehran’s main objective of doing so is safeguarding the nuclear deal, but now if the Americans and the EU wish that Iran will return to observing its JCPOA commitments, as the Iranian foreign minister has said, they need to eliminate the cause for Iran’s decreasing of its commitments.

Mohammad-Javad Zarif wrote on Feb 25 on his Twitter page: America admits that Iran’s moves in decreasing its JCPOA commitments were only made after the US unilateral exit of it. That is while Iran was fully committed to the JCPOA terms and conditions before that. The US behavior now means that the cause has remained unchanged.

Zarif wrote in another tweet that the EU troika, too, has made faults, because they have not done any commercial trade with Iran for three years. The Americans and the EU troika need to eliminate this cause, not to ask Iran to end its remunerative moves that are based on JCPOA’s Article 36.

The IAEA Board of Governors Meeting begins today under such conditions that according to some reports America is going to present the draft of an anti-Iranian resolution at the meeting. The world news agencies have reported that the American diplomats last Thursday handed out the draft of a resolution that elaborates on US objections and demands that Iran will fully cooperate with the IAEA inspectors.

Blumberg has written that in that document it is said that President Biden has made it clear that if Iran will return to full observation of its JCPOA commitments America, too, will do so.

Analysts believe such a resolution will make impossible any likelihood for taking advantage of the privileges of diplomacy aimed at achieving an agreement on JCPOA.

Such behaviors, according to political analysts, show the continuation of Trump’s maximum pressure strategy and reveal the new US administration’s real intentions against Iran. They are in other words obvious violations of the Biden administration’s promises.

The US intention for the presentation of that document at the board of governors has been reported in media, but the White House has still neither approved, not rejected the news.

The Head of Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) warned yesterday (on Sunday) about the probability of presenting any resolution at the IAEA Board of Governors, arguing: If the IAEA Board of Governors will do so in reaction to Iran’s move on exit from the Additional Protocol, our country will react proportionately, and we have sent a letter (to the IAEA) in that respect, too.


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