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Cultural tourism guidebook titled 'I am from Kashan' published

Tehran, Jan 12, IRNA - The guidebook "I am from Kashan" as the first book of a collection named "I am from Iran" has been published to introduce tourist attractions of Kashan and Iran in the current century.

Authors of the book have paid significant attention to the production of creative content, which includes issues related to the cultural tourism in the end of the fourteenth century SH (Shamsi Hijri or Solar Hijri) and the beginning of the fifteenth century SH.

Kashan is well-known for its Silk Hill, Finn Garden as well as historic houses, but nothing has been mentioned on Kashan's food. Thus, the book tries to provide magnificent content on historical and tangible heritage of the city, in particular the food tradition. Besides the recipe of food, there is a narrative story for each dish. There is a short story along images to better tell each story in accordance with the native tradition of the dish. Furthermore, the book gives importance to film tourism on the city of Kashan; so, for the first time in Iran and perhaps in the world, place and location of films and theaters have been mentioned in a cultural tourism guidebook.

The book provides readers with geography and historical background of the "Key Ashian" (Kashan) following 10 reasons for loving Kashan. The initial story of living in Kashan was narrated in "Once Upon a Time." Extraordinary examples of ancient monuments such as castle, gate, mosque, reservoir and proposed routes for pedestrian tourism have been mentioned in the guidebook. The book also introduces Iranian Paradise with its garden, market, bathhouse etc. as well as a treasure of arts in Kashan, including textiles, carpet weaving, pottery and tiling. Niasar as a mountainous watchman of the Sassanid Empire and Barzak as the mountain garden of Kashan city, and Ghamsar as the cradle of production of rose water in Iran are among the tourist attractions provided in the book.

In the section of Nashtasham of the book, the readers will experience the hospitality of people of Kashan county, and they will become familiar with some of Kashan's celebrities and the Kashani dialect as well as celebrations, ceremonies and customs of the area.

The guidebook provides the readers with magnificent photos, creative illustrations and inspiring infographics to introduce the charms of Kashan through Augmented Reality (AR).

The book "I am from Kashan" has been collected from on the ground and library researches by a content production team during the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

This book was published by a group of authors in association with Gilgamesh Heritage and Tourism Quarterly - under the supervision of Arash Noor Aghaei, the managing director of the quarterly. The guidebook is part of the 496-page "No-Sadeh" project by Agar Publication.

You can purchase the guidebook at this address: www.gilgameshmag.com.


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