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Iranian-Arab talks help peace, stability in region: Omani analyst

Tehran, Dec 13, IRNA – An Omani researcher on international affairs says he believes that dialogue between Iran and the Persian Gulf Arab states can bring peace and stability and reduce foreign presence and arms race in the region.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a message on December 8 that Hormuz Peace Endeavor is still on the table, saying, “Dear neighbors. Why ask US/E3 for inclusion in talks with Iran when:

a) There won't be ANY talks about OUR region with them as they're the problem themselves

b) We can speak directly about our region without outside meddling. Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) is still on the table.”

Zarif had earlier written in a Twitter message in Arabic that it seems that some of the neighbors are asking the West to be part of the negotiation process with Iran, adding Iran not negotiate with Westerners over the region.

Their interventions are the basis of the problems, he added.

We are always ready for dialogue with our neighbors, and we have translated it into proposing regional security projects in 1986, the Regional Dialogue 2016, and the Hormuz Peace Initiative 2019, Zarif noted.

Abdullah Baabood, the Omani analyst, told IRNA in this regard that any initiative aiming at resolving disagreements and putting an end to crises is beneficial and Foreign Minister Zarif’s proposal is good for the region that is in a delicate situation.

Baabood added that the region is in dire need of such suggestions.

Answering a question about how effective friendly relations between regional countries can be on energy security and freedom of navigation as well as on removing the shadow of war from the region, especially in Yemen and Syria, he said.

"Security and stability of the region depends on the will of the regional powers for dialogue and transition from the phase of competition to that of cooperation, synergy, and trust."

He noted regional talks is the main key to such relations, adding that taking into consideration the fact that all the regional countries are facing the same challenge.

"Talks between Iran and Arab states can serve as the foundation of such ties and bring peace and stability for the region."

Baabood noted that restoring trust among the neighboring countries will have a role in cooperation for security and stability of the region, which will remove the need for foreign presence and arms race.

Answering a question about the US and the Zionist regime’s promotion of Iranophobia to stir up sedition against Iran and the Arab states, he said that Washington, Tel Aviv and some regional states use Iranophobia to frighten the people of the region and through that, they have been able to a large extent to back up their harmful policies.

Commenting on normalization of ties with the Zionist regime, he said that normalization of relations with Israel is a part of the Iranophobia. It will add a factor that will have a negative impacts and will further complicate the situation.

Translated by: Hossein Abolqassemi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi 


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