Dec 3, 2020, 9:38 PM
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Zarif: Iran proved its bona fides in 15 IAEA reports

Tehran, Dec 3, IRNA - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message referred to Iran's good faith in IAEA reports, saying Iran will reverse its remedial actions under JCPOA if US abides by UNSCR2231.

"Iran proved its bona fides in 15 IAEA reports," Zarif wrote in his Twitter account on Thursday.

"The Biden admin must prove ITS by complying fully with UNSCR 2231 & ceasing Trump's #EconomicWar against Iranians. At that time, Iran will reverse its remedial actions under #JCPOA," he added.

Earlier, addressing the online session the Mediterranean Dialogue, Zarif said: "The United States walked out the nuclear agreement but did not walked out of the United Nations it has responsibilities, obligations as a UN member, as a Security Council member and there is a Security Council Resolution 2231 which the United States must observe as a permanent member of the Security Council, the United States is in grave breach of that resolution because the Trump administration has been a rouge regime."

"Now if the president elect Biden wants to continue to be a rouge regime then he can continue to be asking to implement its commitments," headded.

"The United States has commitments under the resolution which has to implement it is not in a position to set conditions for that," Zarif noted.

"We will not renegotiate a deal which we negotiated. The deal was about give and take it was not about one side asking and the other side giving. The fact is that the United States and other European partners started with 20+10."

"They wanted 20+10 years of restrictions. This was the subject of negotiations for two years, it will never be negotiated because it is a clear sign of bad faith," he reiterated.  

"The issue of missile and the issue of regional security were deliberately put aside by all sides not because they gave a concession to Iran but because the other sides were not prepared to end their malign behavior is this area," Zarif said.

"Look at the issue of weapon, last year the West sold to the Persian Gulf more weapons than it sold to any other part of the world." 


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