Oct 18, 2020, 11:48 AM
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JCPOA impacts come to light by expiry of arms embargo

Tehran, IRNA – Impacts of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action came to light by the expiry of Iran arms embargo 13 years after its imposition by the United Nations.

President Hassan Rouhani said earlier in his speech on Iran’s right to import and export arms that one of the important advantages of Iran nuclear deal or the JCPOA is lifting arms embargo which will take effect on October 18, 2020.

Accordingly, Iranian professor in Gilan University Reza Simbar said in an interview with IRNA that the new sanctions of the US Department of the Treasury about Iranian financial institutes will create obstacles to Iranian business with industrial companies and the arms imports and exports.

In response to a question whether ending arms embargo is an important achievement of JCPOA, he said the sanctions were imposed on Iran 13 years ago and before signing JCPOA. He said that based on arms embargo, no country was allowed to sell advanced weapons to Iran.

Lifting the limitations were among topics for Iranian diplomats agenda with foreign ministers of six world powers which had been imposed on Iran unfairly.

Commenting on the relations between lifting arms embargo and Trump’s policies, he said the main approach taken by US president is to withdraw and lack of commitment to international agreements.

He referred to Paris Climate Change Agreement, putting an end to US membership with World Trade Organization, UN humanitarian agencies and JCPOA as examples of Trump renegade to the international agreements and the global concerns.

He described Trump’s behavior as manifestation of the rule of jungle and today he is trying to deprive Iran of its rights under the JCPOA by taking advantage of power of sanctions

Iranian professors believes that Iran could pave the way for US isolation in international policy by standing up to Trump’s maximum pressure.

Trump wanted to create impediments to ending arms embargo and to extend it by unlawful mechanism of so-called snapback.

But in fact no country in the United Nations Security Council followed US unilateral approach and as so Iran was the main winner.

It will become more complicated when the US does not allow money transfer between Iran and other powers in the world, Simbar said adding that the latest financial sanctions will make other countries unable to do business with Iran.

Earlier on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message described ending arms embargo against Iran as a momentous day for the international community.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Ministry released a statement on termination of UNSC Security arms restrictions and travel ban, saying the definitive and unconditional termination of arms restrictions and travel bans requires no new resolution.

Translated by: Ali Izadi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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