Oct 13, 2020, 1:18 PM
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US will have to reconsider its maximum pressure policy: Senior expert

Tehran, Oct 13, IRNA - An Iranian university scholar and expert on US affairs believes that the US maximum pressure policy has had no achievement for it so far so whoever wins the presidential election will have reconsider this futile policy.

In an interview with IRNA on Monday, Foad Izadi referred to the outcome of the US maximum pressure against Iran after the elections and said, " Since the US maximum pressure policy against Iran has evidently failed, any American presidential candidate should reform the policy, because the US government had the fantasy that, as a result of the maximum pressure, the Islamic Republic of Iran will either collapse or give up, but everyone can see that none of the two goals has been achieved."

This expert on US affairs added that regardless of sanctions, Iran is improving, and the greater the progress of Iran, including the nuclear field, the US concern will be greater, and any person who becomes the new US president will have to change its policy toward Iran.

Pointing to the fact that US sanctions against Iran are not for yesterday and today, Izadi added that noting that the Islamic Republic is under pressure from the United States and Iran has learned how to lift sanctions and progress in spite of sanctions.

*** Coming events in the US; win-win play for Iran

Izadi in this interview added that the result of the presidential elections in the US,-  whatever it will be- is a win-win play for Iran, If Trump will be re-elected as President of the United States, he would accelerate the decline of the US, which is in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and if Joe Biden will be elected as US President, the sanctions that Trump had imposed on Iran would be decreased, which would also benefit the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 Iranian university teacher and an expert on US affairs said that Biden was not a friend of Iran and during Barack Obama's first presidency, Biden played the most important role in imposing sanctions on Iran,  so that since Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan's presidency until the first tenure of Obama, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not faced this volume of sanctions.

The international relations expert noted that Democrats are more intelligent in consensus against Iran than Republicans and, given that both the American candidates work against Iran, it is not a good option to wait for the time who would be the President.


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