Sep 20, 2020, 6:43 PM
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President Rouhani: Iran to give resolute response in case of US bullying

Tehran, Sept 20, IRNA - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced on Sunday that the US' maximum pressure in political and legal sections have turned into that country's maximum isolation.

"If the US wants to engage in bullying it will face Iran's rigid response," President Rouhani said on Sunday, addressing the cabinet meeting.

He recalled that the US as a bullying power has waged extensive efforts to reimpose sanctions of the UN Security Council, especially the trend that has been started in recent months has now turned into a definite defeat point for the US.

Referring to the efforts by the Americans over the past 30 months to form a so-called international alliance against Iran, the Iranian president said that since the day the US withdrew from Iran nuclear deal, the US officials believed that they can attract the European Union and they thought that by provoking Iran they could prepare the grounds for the return of UNS Security Council's resolutions against Iran.

Expressing his satisfaction that fortunately the US has faced defeat and negative response of the international community, even its traditional allies, President Rouhani said that the US could not form an alliance against Iran and it did its best over the past month to extend arms sale restrictions imposed on Iran and prevent the arms sale restrictions from being revoked within next month, but it was defeated.

The Iranian president reiterated that US' policy of maximum pressure against the Iranian nation has turned into maximum isolation in the political and legal fields, and said that everyone is witnessing in the world of diplomacy that the US has been incurred three consecutive defeats in the UN Security Council over the past month.

He pointed out that the UN Security Council is exactly where the Americans thought is their point of strength.

The chief executive pointed out that the Americans thought that they would not be defeated at least in the UN Security Council due to different reasons and that they have the right of veto, but they had been defeated many times in the UN General Assembly.

"We witnessed that 13 members out of 15 stood against the US and supported the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) while opposing the US' idea. Of course, what the US had ushered in since last month in the so-called use of trigger mechanism was an irrational move that was not acceptable for anyone in the world," President Rouhani added.


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