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Western breach of JCPOA, example of law of jungle: Pakistan ex-air chief

Islamabad, March 7, IRNA -- Pakistan’s former air chief and renowned defense analyst says the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a sovereign agreement among five plus one states and breach of the deal by the western signatories is example of law of jungle.

In an interview with IRNA on Saturday President of Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies (CASS) Air Chief Marshal (retired) Kaleem Saadat said the rule based system of world order is disappearing which is not right.

He added that the JCPOA should have not gone back because it would promote law of the jungle.

“We are for peace and peace can only comes when everybody’s security and national interests are considered while you are trying to look after your own national security and interests,” said the expert.

Former air chief added that unfortunately the big powers don’t follow that system they are just interested in their own national interests.

He noted that Pakistan has been under lot of pressure from them and "they have always asking us to do more despite so much we have done for the past 20 years."

**Iran-Saudi Arabia truce to benefit entire Ummah  

“I am part of the people in Pakistan who believe that there should be dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” Saadat said.

The senior defense analyst expressing his views said that the differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia divides Ummah and if they could come together, then the gap will be narrowed and will be good for Ummah.

“Ummah can only become a powerful block if there is no division in the Muslim world, so we have to be united to overcome our problems like Kashmir and Palestine,” he stressed.

**Sanctions fail to hamper Iran’s progress

Kaleem Saadat responding to a question said Iran’s achievements in aerospace sector are commendable because when you are under sanctions a lot of technologies are denied to you especially when you have bought technologies from western nations.

“Iran bought F-14 and Phantom fighter jets from the US and to keep them flying after 40 years of break up of diplomatic relations is really creditable,” he said.

“We have lived through such cycles, we have been under sanctions for 10 years and relied on ourselves and created our capabilities, so we appreciate the efforts of Iran for self reliance,” said Kaleem Saadat.


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