Zarif: Supreme Leader's proposal on Palestine most sensible, practical plan

Tehran, Feb 4, IRNA - The Foreign Minister has described the Supreme Leader's proposal on Palestine as the most reasonable and practical solution to the Palestinian problem, saying that the easiest way is to hear the voice of all Palestinian people, whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian, who determine the future of Palestine in a democratic process.

Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke to reporters on the sideline of the opening ceremony of the Iranian Diplomatic Science Association on Tuesday in response to questions about whether Europeans would withdraw from Article 36 of the JCPOA, and also about the EU foreign policy chief's trip noted that he sent a detailed letter in 14 pages outlining Iran's demands to new EU Foreign Policy Chief- before coming to Iran. Form Iran’s point of view, Europe is not in the position to raise its claims in the form of Article 36, as the Islamic Republic has put forward this article after both US and European violations after the US departure of the JCPOA.

Referring to Borrell’s trip to Iran, the Foreign Minister stated that during his visit there were many good discussions about the security of the region and the Hormuz Peace Endeavor and that Iran is ready to strengthen this plan in cooperation with the countries of the region and use their views and can implement the plan.

Zarif said that we also discussed our position on Palestine and the Deal of the Century, and that the US move is very dangerous. The Europeans and Borrell also expressed their positions and their differences with the United States.

Zarif also said that the US has lost any opportunity to participate in the process of solving Palestinian conflict by presenting the plan and has shown that it even has left behind the Zionist regime.

Ignoring the Palestinian rights and usurping the Palestinian land, the US has no place in this respect and it is only the Palestinian people who determine their own future, he said. 

He said the Supreme Leader's proposal for a "referendum in Palestine" seemed to us to be the most sensible, credible and viable solution that could work in Palestine, even if it worked elsewhere.


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