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Iran, Azerbaijan eyeing on ICT joint project

Baku, Dec 3, IRNA - Iran is looking forward to implementing a joint project with Azerbaijan in the field of ICT, and within a short period of time, the final agreement between the two countries will be prepared to be signed by the Ministers of Communication after the visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Iran in the presence of the two Presidents.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, who is in the Republic of Azerbaijan for participation in the 25th Exhibition of Communication and Information Technology in Baku (BakuTel) on Tuesday after meeting with Azeri President Elham Aliyev in an interview with IRNA noted that the president of Azerbaijan has always praised the growth of Iran in the field of technology and is devoting special time to Iranian companies and addressing their issues. The Republic of Azerbaijan wishes to reduce its dependence on ICT imports through joint cooperation with Iran.

The Minister of ICT, presenting a report on the level of participation of Iranian companies in the BakuTel Exhibition stressed that it is necessary to draw a definite number to outline the prospects of economic cooperation in the field of ICT between the two countries. Referring to the process of implementation of the decisions taken between the two countries in this area, the president on Azerbaijan noted that joint cooperation in the field of ICT would be possible between Tehran and Baku.

Azari Jahromi on the presence of Iranian companies in the 25th BakuTel Exhibition made the remark that Iranian companies have had a good presence in the Azerbaijani market and it seems that due to their proximity to the culture of Ardebil and Azarbaijan province, Iranian companies have a good market here.

The senior official stated that the presence of Iranian startup companies in the last three to four years is increasing and with this significant presence, the ground for joint cooperation will expand further than before.

Azeri Jahromi reiterated that this plan is going to allow the two sides to participate in regional events together and reach a mutual understanding in different fields, of course, our relations with Turkey, Afghanistan, Qatar, and Armenia are the same and this interaction is on the rise. It affects our ecosystem.

Referring to the agreement with his Turkish counterpart, the Iranian minister highlighted that the meeting focused on issues such as post, international transit, frequency cooperation at border points, activities of Iranian companies, especially in the field of information technology, startups.

Iran's minister of communications noted that within next ten days, the Joint Commission of Iran-Turkey ICT will be held chaired by the Deputy Ministers in Tehran and the result will be sent in the form of a report to the Joint Economic Commission of Turkey and Iran, which will be held early in the new year.

The 25th Baku International Exhibition of Communication, Innovation and Advanced Technologies called "BakuTel" will be held between December 3 and December 6 with the participation of 238 companies from 23 countries.


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