Iranian director sees great potential for Tehran, Beijing in jointly making films
Reza Mirkarimi Iranian Filmmaker

Reza Mirkarimi, the director of ‘Qasr-e Shirin’ (Castle of Dreams) believes there is a great deal of potential for the development of filmmaking between Iran and China which should be strengthened.

‘Qasr-e Shirin’ (Castle of Dreams) directed by Reza Mirkarimi on June, grabbed three awards at the 2019 edition of the festival in China in the other words, Iran wins Shanghai Film Festival Golden Goblet Award.

The Best Actor Award of the event went to the movie’s star Hamed Behdad, and the director Reza Mirkarimi won the Best Director and the Golden Goblet prize for the film.

In his recent interview with Global Times of China on Thursday, Reza MirKarimi, referring to the work of professional actors and filmmakers in Iran, added: "Human relations are important in films, Iran is strong in this field and has produced strong films and now many Chinese directors have also focused on these human relationships in the films.

"Iran can learn from China in terms of sci-fi movies, ancient movies and action movies. These genres in Iran are not mainstream. We don't have enough capacity to achieve what we want and we need to," said Mirkarimi.

Meanwhile, Iranian films such as Children of Heaven, A Taste of Cherry from the 1990s, and the more recently released The Salesman and A Separation, have made deep impressions on Chinese audiences.

Mirkarimi pointed out that Iran specializes in films like these, with realistic themes and stories about human relations and human emotions, and it is this aspect that the director said he feels Iran can probably help China. He noted that more Chinese directors are trying to focus on human relations in films.

"In ancient times, we were connected to each other in terms of the economy and culture through the Silk Road. But unfortunately over the past few hundred years, we haven't had as many cultural connections as in the past. Much of the connections happen through Europe," said the director of ‘Qasr-e Shirin’ (Castle of Dreams). 

"China and Iran are both in the East of the world. We have these common Eastern feeling, there are many Chinese film experts that I'd like to work with, as I've seen their work on the screens at international film festivals," said Mirkarimi. 

He stressed that opportunities for direct exchanges about films is continuously improving thanks to efforts on both sides.  

"I have been the director of the Fajr International Film Festival the last four years. Chinese cinematic people have been invited to the festival," said Mirkarimi. 

He recommended that filmmakers shift focus onto the lives of ordinary people instead of looking at things from a grand perspective, as well as shoot more films with realistic themes rather than blockbusters.

A brief synopsis for ‘Qasr-e Shirin’ reads, “Jalal Moradi, a 42-year-old father of two, kills a family in an accident. In the court of law, the murder is recognized as accidental killing without intent. After getting out of prison, he leaves his wife and kids and moves to another city. Two years later, he must go back to his home town as his wife is brain-dead.”

The starring role of the film has been portrayed by ifilm star of ‘Free Fall’ Hamed Behdad.

Also among the cast are Mohammad Asgari, Zhila Shahi, Akbar Ayin, Azadeh Nobahar, Mohammad Ashkanfar, Youna Tadayyon and Niyousha Alipour.


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