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Pakistani media sharply criticize US anti-Iran approach

Islamabad, Sept 24, IRNA -- Pakistani media in their reports have strongly condemned the US anti-Iran approach saying that the issues must be resolved through a peaceful dialogue.

Daily ‘The Nation’ in its editorial said the war rhetoric in the Middle East has reached new levels after the United States (US) troop build-up in the Persian Gulf.

“The US announcement of deploying more troops and missile defence equipment to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will disturb the balance of power in the region,” said the paper.

It added even the new sanctions against Iran’s central bank contradicted Trump’s words when he said that restraint “shows far more strength” and that he did not wish an all-out war with Iran.

“One sanction after another one to cripple down Iran’s economy is nothing short of fighting an economic war against Tehran,” it said.

It added the ongoing aggression against Tehran is not because of the attacks on the Saudi oil hubs. “Though the US has called the strike on Saudi oil installations as an act of war, it is evident that Iran has long been a thorn in the US eyes,” viewed the paper.

It said when the US ante is up against Tehran, and Saudi Arabia is blaming Iran for the attacks, China and Russia need to play a proactive role in defusing the situation between Iran and its rivals. Otherwise, the looming conflict will put the whole region on fire.

Daily ‘The News’ in its editorial comments on Tuesday said what is important is that all the parties involved in the tensions in Persian Gulf show maximum restraint and that other nations with influence move in to ensure this.

It said even the minor misinterpretation of an action or statement from one side could trigger a far more serious situation.

“President Rouhani says he wants to put forward a peace initiative at the UN,” the paper noted.

The paper said President Trump’s gung-ho approach to a problem that needs to be handled with kid gloves is inflaming the situation.

“If this is not resolved, there could be a very real crisis and the danger of other players jumping in with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the UK now saying his country would back the US, although the UK had in the past refrained from any such commitment,” said the editorial.

An article published in Urdu daily ‘Naibaat’ strongly condemned the US policy of double standards against Iran.  Reza Mughal in his article said that the US is blaming Iran for recent developments in the Persian Gulf without any justification.

He said that the US is trying to find any reason to start a new conflict in the Persian Gulf just to strengthen its arms industry. He said that US wants to sell more and more arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The analyst said that the Saudi Arabia who depends on US for its security must realize that the US is not friend of anybody rather it is friend of its interests.

Reza Mughal went on to say that the only reason the US is against Iran is because the Islamic Republic is standing against the interests of Zionist Regime in the region.

He warned that any conflict in the region would serve the US vested interests in the region.

Zaheer Akhtar in his article published in Urdu daily ‘Express’ said  the reason for the US anti-Iran approach is that the Islamic Republic is standing against the American imperialist approach.

He said that it is responsibility of democratic Muslim countries to stop US from pursuing a negative policy against Iran and flaring up tensions in the Persian Gulf region.

He regretted that due to the differences among the Muslims states, the US is selling arms worth of billions of dollars to many Arab states.


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