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Iran insures national interest with power, diplomacy

Tehran, Aug 26, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Iran ensures national interests with two hands of power and diplomacy and those thinking one hand is enough to solve problems are making mistake.

Rouhani made the remarks on visit to an exhibition about Government's achievements organized to mark the Government Week.

"We need to use military, security, cultural and political powers to thwart the problems being created by the enemies."

He said that Iran should use any tools at hand to guarantee national interests, adding that if he knew that meeting someone is needed to help solve the problems of the country, he would do it.

"What is important is our national interest."

President Rouhani added that Iran has been under most severe sanctions in the past year but resisted them and is reducing commitments to the nuclear deal stage by stage with two-month intervals.

He added that the intervals are to give time for diplomacy, political encounters and negotiations.

He said that Iran will resists to the enemy to achieve glory and security.

President Rouhani said that the situation created by the enemies for Iran is a chance to build up on own with perseverance, so that "We will not get tired, but we will enjoy the chance to stand on our own strength."

Elaborating on the Government’s achievements in developing rural infrastructure, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Today, cities and villages are at the same level with regard to legal and social services, and more welfare for villagers and their access to energy, healthcare and communications services have been the priorities of the government.”

“The government spares no effort for the development of villages,” he said, stating that the fast development of villages has been a top priority for him and his administration.

“Before the Revolution, there was a wide gap between the rural and urban societies, as if urban society had a privilege over the rural one, but, such a gap has removed.”

It was one of the main reasons for villagers immigrating to cities, he said, “But today, there is no such belief because of the efforts made after the Islamic Revolution.”

Today, our villages are on the right path of development and progress, he said, adding, "With the efforts and work done, villagers are connected to the urban areas and they have no problem accessing to modern technology."

"Communications has turned the world into a big village," he said, adding, "Telephone and internet connection have made a huge change in rural life and economy." 

He added, "Today, villagers are able to introduce themselves and have direct presence in the market through networks and startups," stating that, "We are producing 0.5 million tons of oil seeds."

Rouhani said, “In no country are 84 percent of villages and about 100 percent of cities connected to the natural gas network like Iran.”

“In some parts of the country, communication services and infrastructures have caused reverse immigration to villages,” he added.

President Rouhani said, “Every week, 99 villages are connected to the National Information Network,” adding, “The government has made great efforts on welfare and prosperity in villages.”

“Supplying power to nomads through modern technologies is on the government’s agenda,” he said, “Under the enemies’ pressures, the only option is to develop the country and increase production.”

He said that power and diplomacy must work together; neither can achieve results alone, he added, saying, “After negotiations with the 5+1, we forced the world powers to drop all the UN resolutions passed by the enemies over the past 30 years against Iran, an immense amount of assets was unfrozen and oil exports returned to its previous state.”


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