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Iran winner of developments in Persian Gulf region: Lebanese Daily

Beirut, July 19, IRNA – An Arabic-language daily based in Beirut, Lebanon on Friday referred to US President's claim on downing of an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz and said Iran has the upper hand in regional developments and whatever happens, the country will be the winner.

Al-Binaa daily wrote, “Following the allegations made by Donald Trump on targeting an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf is faced with a new phase of tension and is expected once again after heated stances and then calm responses in the past few days, this region is once again moving toward a intensified stances.”

While Iran continues to adhere to its previous statements and steps, it has the upper hand to take action, which means that, according to those who are observing the situation in the Persian Gulf, no matter whether moving forwards to confrontation or calmness, Iran will be the winner in this situation, because the crisis will create a special condition for Iran's influence on the oil market, and the calmness of the situation will make Iran remain in a stable and dominant position.

“Iran, on the one hand, has a maritime dominance in the Persian Gulf in parallel with its step-by-step implementation of the country's nuclear program, leaving others, especially the Europeans, to think and announce as soon as possible the options they have to offer, while the time continues to benefit Iran both.”

However, Washington has nothing more except increasing sanctions and unplanned acts against Lebanon's Hezbollah and Popular Mobilization Forces (al-Hasht al-Sha'bi) in Iraq, while Iran's allies in the resistance forces have the upper hands in the ground, enjoying a strategic advantage, the daily noted.


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