Dec 19, 2017, 9:19 PM
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Iran condemns US national security strategy

Tehran, Dec 20, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi condemned the US national security strategy and said the whole text of the US national security strategy, published by government of Donald Trump, is full of vain efforts of those preparing it to insinuate and create a forged threat of Iran.

Qasemi made the remarks in reaction to the publication of the new US national security strategy.

He said, 'What has been illustrated in the unconventional text, being devoid of any wisdom and realism, is nothing, but repeated and claims, allegations and baseless illusions of a few illusive regional states and the US.'

'The illogical provisions of such an imbalanced and one-sided strategy well shows that government of the US had tried to attribute the self-made problems, mishaps and challenges it has been facing internally and internationally always while compiling the strategy; they have over the past one year made further clear its realities.'

'What the US has been facing as illusive and claimed threats are more than anything caused by fully wrong policies, behaviors and function of the statesmen and policy-makers of the country over the past decades against other world nations, especially their enormous mistakes in the sensitive and strategic west Asian and Persian Gulf regions.'

'It seems that the US statesmen do not yet have the necessary will to reconsider their policies and behaviors, especially reconsider their view on the world and other nations and that's due to the same reason that they cannot tolerate the independent policies and approaches of certain countries like Iran and take them contrary to their interests and national security and vainly insist on the absurd and repeated approaches in a bid to keep the world in trouble, caused by policies of different US administrations.'

'What can be said about the new national security of the US is that the unwise approach of the US will undoubtedly lead the world towards further insecurity and expansion of instability and terrorism. The international community's inattention to the US president's adventurism has made him to fix his policies and focus on the future based on unreal and forged threats, which will have nothing, but failure for the US internationally and in the regions attended to and concentrated by the country.'

The US White House published a new national security strategy on Monday. The strategy claims three groups of challengers to the US are as follows: The revisionist powers like Russia and China, such countries as Iran and North Korea and the transnational terror organizations, especially Jihadi terrorist groups.

China has also condemned the strategies and warned that escalation of tension will be detrimental for both countries.


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